UPRISING #48, December 2011, Parlour on Clark, Chicago

UPRISING #47, November 2011, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Chicago

UPRISING #46, October 2011, Occupy Chicago

UPRISING #45, September 2011, Clear Creek Festival, Berea, KY

UPRISING #44, August 2011, Hollywood Beach, Chicago

UPRISING #43, June 2011, Chicago Torture Justice Memorial Launch

UPRISING #42, June 2011, ROOTSFest 2011: Baltimore, MD

UPRISING #41, May 2011, Home of Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn

UPRISING #40, April 2011, Haymarket Reenactment, Chicago

UPRISING #39, March 2011, Defibrillator, Chicago

UPRISING #38, February 2011, Wicker Well, Chicago

UPRISING #37, January 2011, Reproductive Service Providers, Chicago

UPRISING #36, December 2010, Parlour on Clark, Chicago

UPRISING #35, November 2010, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Chicago

UPRISING #34, October 2010, Parlour on Clark, Chicago

UPRISING #33, September 2010, Clear Creek Festival, Berea, Kentucky

UPRISING #32, August 2010, The Beautiful Struggle, Chicago

UPRISING #31, July 2010, 26th & California, Chicago

UPRISING #30, June 2010, USSF, Detroit, MI

UPRISING #29, May 2010, Floupsy Tea Haus, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #28, April 2010, Links Hall, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #27, March 2010, CCA, San Francisco, CA

UPRISING #26, February 2010, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #25, January 2010, Revolution Square, Moscow, Russia

UPRISING #24, December 2009, Pratt Beach Pier, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #23, November 2009, Pratt Beach, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #22, October 2009, Fisk Energy Plant, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #21, September 2009, Tamms Year 10 Party, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #20, August 2009, Alternate ROOTS Closing, Asheville, NC

UPRISING #19, July 2009, Washington Park Lagoon, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #18, June 2009, 9th & Michigan, Chicago, IL

UPRISING #17, May 2009, Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

UPRISING #16, April 2009, "Music and War," Oshkosh, WI

UPRISING #15, March 2009, State of the Nation Festival, New Orleans, LA

UPRISING #14, February 2009, She Works Flexible Now, Berkeley CA

UPRISING #13, January 2009, online

UPRISING #12, December 2008, Hull House-Chicago

UPRISING #11, November 2008, Polish Triangle-Chicago

UPRISING #10, October 2008, Women & Children First-Chicago

UPRISING #9, September 2008, Young Lords-Chicago

UPRISING #8, August 2008, Grant Park-Chicago

UPRISING #7, July 2008, Bijou Theater-Chicago

UPRISING #6, June 2008, Dyke March-Chicago

UPRISING #5, May 2008, Michigan Ave-Chicago

UPRISING #4, April 2008, NFO XPO-Chicago

UPRISING #3, March 2008, Community Garden-Chicago

UPRISING #2, February 2008, DePaul Quad-Chicago

UPRISING #1, January 2008, Polish Triangle-Chicago


AJ Sacco

AJ Sacco in UPRISING #5, Wabash Avenue, Chicago IL.

UPRISING: 2008-2012 performance project

UPRISINGs are monthly, site-specific performance works broadly exploring practices of revolution. UPRISING performances create public demonstrations of the possibilities for a more loving, just and humane present and future. They are attempts at making the world in which we want to live, and then inviting people directly and immediately inside it. Performances are marked consistently by a commitment to flexible structure, ambitious intentions, and sense of humor. UPRISING is a project of Links Hall.

We are currently seeking volunteer performers/participants for UPRISING events! If you want to be a part of the action, Email Nicole. nicolegarneau13 [at] sbcglobal.net. 

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